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About Us

Virtual Technologies Group (formerly Virtual PC/Office World) has been in business since 1962.  We have two locations, Maumee and Lima.  We have fifteen technicians that have a variety of specialties and skills.  Primarily, we deal with Microsoft products, but our skills are far reaching.  Our talents include everything from running cable in walls to solving complicated WAN routing problems.  Here is a short list of some services that we offer . . .

  • Selling and servicing hardware
  • Dell, HP, Lenovo, and VTG’s Custom Configurations
  • Selling and servicing servers
  • We have hundreds of servers in the field that we maintain and service
  • Internet Sales – Websites, Email, On-line back-ups and Remote Access
  • Over 300 websites and 450 email users that we maintain and operate
  • Our service response is within 1 hour in an emergency
  • Backup monitoring system to monitor backups remotely
  • Managed Services including preentive maintenance programs

We strive to find solutions which achieve greater efficiency in your workplace.  We form partnerships and long term relationships with our customers so that we can really understand their needs and processes.  In this way we can save them money, which in turn provides a win-win scenario for both the customer and Virtual Technologies Group.  We have provided a reference list so that you can talk to some of the customers that we have been servicing and supporting. 

Our vision is to be the most effective, respected and sought after technology-solutions company in the markets we compete in.

We exist to provide superior service in technology applications to enhance the success and productivity of the customers we serve and help our employees grow and succeed.  We will do this through:
Service cubed = Growth cubed

Our values are the principles we will use to guide our everyday behaviors.  They describe how we will interact with our    organization’s relationships to ensure our mutual success.
Our core values are:

Team Work
Together Everyone Achieves More.  Teamwork and success go hand-in-hand.

We offer nothing but the best through a focus on delivering high quality service and continuously improving ourselves and our work.

Integrity is a necessity - honesty, open communication and professionalism drive each and every interaction.

Every individual is committed to the success of each interaction to the best of their ability.

The environment enables individuals to be imaginative and innovative.

Work hard, play hard.


Strategic Thrusts
We want our customers to know we are involved in a strategic plan from a customer’s perspective.  

Why did we do this?
To provide a high level of service and commitment that you have become     accustom to.
1.      Streamline and improve administrative and operational procedures.
2.     Resolve brand strategy
3.     Meet or exceed our financial targets
4.      Employee factor/people development
5.     Create long term marketing strategy


Virtual Technologies Group is dedicated to our customers.  We understand that you keep us in business.  We want to do everything in our means to understand the customers needs and outperform their expectations.

Together, we will overcome any obstacle that needs to be conquered.